Whole House Air Cleaner Health Benefits in Walton County

On April, 12, 2021

 Air Cleaner in WaltonYou cannot know the importance of your health if you have never lost it. Unfortunately, when you lose your health, you often cannot regain it. When it comes to pathogenic factors, people tend to concern more about diet environment. Nevertheless, the air we breathe is one of the top factors that contribute to the development of various diseases in our body. These medical conditions may be minor (simple cold, acute allergy, etc.) or severe (asthma, tuberculosis, lung cancer, etc.). Contrary to what most people think, air pollutants are not only in the streets, but also at home and in office. In fact, many environmental studies have shown that the air we breathe at home can be more polluted than the outside. To beneficiate a clean and healthy Walton County indoor air, a whole house air cleaner is necessary.

What is the best type of air purifier?

Walton County air purifier is a device used to purify the air from all harmful particles. You and your family are exposed to pollutants that can impair your health. These pollutants may be mold, bacteria, viruses, tobacco smoke, pollen, mites, and other microscopic particles harmful to your well being. There are different types of air purifier with different features on the market, but none is more effective than an ionic air purifier is. This type of air purifiers are designed to eliminate in your home and office all airborne particles such as bacteria, viruses, gas, odor, smoke, etc.

How our Ionic Air Purifiers work?

Our air purifiers are able to destroy in the air microscopic particles as small as 0.5 microns. They are equipped with a HEPA filters (High Efficiency Particulate Air) and negative ions. The HEPA destroys all microscopic allergens (it is recommended to be changed possibly every 3 years, depending on the mode of utilization). In the ambient air, the ionization energy attracts all dust and air molecules, which are electrically neutral or positive. These harmful particles, having become electrically negative, are harmless and rushed to the ground, leaving an air clean and healthy. In addition, negative ions in your house increase the flow of oxygen in your brain making you feel more active and energetic (mentally and physically), less stressed, depressed and irritable.

Although ionic air purifiers are proven to be better than other types of air purifier, you should know that not all ionizer air purifiers are all the same. The results of the machine vary considerably depending of the manufacturer. All our air purifiers are equipped with: a remote control, supervisory LED screen, timer, fan speeds to 3 levels, compactness and mobility, high-efficiency four-level filtration, a monitor ( to indicate the degradation of the filter), and more. Breathe to live not to die; choose an air purifier that really works.

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