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Signs that You Need a Professional HVAC Tune-up in Atlanta

During the hot summer months in Atlanta, the last thing that you need to deal with is a broken air conditioner. The best type of prevention is to have a professional Atlanta air conditioning tune-up done to it as that will save you from costlier and future repairs. Keeping you cooling system running all year…

Why Fulton County Indoor Air Quality is Essential For Good Health

Fulton County¬†indoor air quality is a major health concern. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), pollutant levels are two to five times higher inside the home than out. These pollutants include airborne particles and particulate matter such as allergens, lung irritants, gases, toxic chemicals, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Indoor air pollution contaminates the…

How Poor Dekalb County Indoor Air Quality Can Affect You And Your Family

Indoor air pollution is caused by tobacco smoke, gas, oil, kerosene, wood, coal, building materials, insulation that contains asbestos, wet carpets, furniture and cabinets that are made from certain wood products, many Dekalb County¬†household cleaning products, heating and cooling systems, air fresheners, mold, pollen, dust, and outdoor sources like pesticides, and outdoor air pollution. The…

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