When & Why To Have Heating Tune Ups In Atlanta

On April, 12, 2021

heater repairOne of the most neglected machines people own is the heating equipment in their homes. As Atlanta Heating and Air specialists, we are often asked why heating tune ups are necessary and when they should be done. Unfortunately for those who don’t take care of this preventative maintenance, the machine will be terribly inefficient and more prone to breakdowns. It won’t be long before you need your heater, so find out now how to be sure it’s reliable and efficient.

What Happens During A Heating Tune Up?

A licensed HVAC technician, like ours at Houser Heating & A/C, will first inspect your heating equipment. All parts are thoroughly inspected by the technician including the duct system, gas furnace ventilation, and outside unit. We follow a system of checks to ensure your heating and air conditioning equipment is functioning properly.

Some of these tasks are to lubricate where appropriate, clean certain parts of your system that need it, check your refrigerant levels, test and treat the condensation line, test the thermostat and electrical system, test parts, and advise you of any needed repairs. We can also advise you on what to expect for your heating system in terms of longevity and energy efficiency.

Why You Need A Heating Tune Up

When you have a furnace, it’s going to save you a lot of time, trouble, and money to keep your heating and air system tuned up. Heating tune ups are really very affordable when you consider the alternative. A furnace replacement can cost thousands of dollars and repairs hundreds. A heating tune up extends the life of your furnace and keeps you notified of needed repairs before parts fail and cause more extensive damage.

Heating tune ups can help you save money on your energy bills as well. Did you know that about half the energy use in your home is from the heating and cooling equipment? Early replacement is way too expensive, so you want your furnace to last. With regular yearly heating tune ups, your equipment will last longer, experience fewer breakdowns, and run more efficiently.

Gas-fueled heating equipment must be inspected and tested regularly. You don’t want a problem with the ventilation ducts or the gas lines. A formal tune up will involve testing these potentially dangerous components of your HVAC system.

When To Have Heating Tune Ups

October is the time to get a Heating Tune Up in Atlanta, GA. While you can have a heating tune up anytime, it’s best to get it done before you need to switch over to the heat. This is an important time for your heater to be tuned up because it has been sitting idle for months. Turning it on before it’s cleaned, tested, adjusted, and inspected for possible repairs is only going to put a strain on the machinery which leads to breakdown and inefficiency.

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